Best Thrift and Vintage Stores in New York | Chictopia x Barbro Andersen x Art In Our Blood

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  • Uploaded 1 year ago in the category Vintage Clothing

    During Fashion Week, I met up with bloggers Barbro Andersen and Jennifer Wang to look for the best vintage and thrift stores in New York City.

    In this video I will show you three stores that I really love, each with a different price range.

    Featured stores:


    No Relation Vintage
    Address: 204 1st Ave, Manhattan, NY 10009
    Phone:(212) 228-5201


    Beacon's Closet
    Address: 10 W 13th St, Manhattan, NY 10011
    Phone: (917) 261-4863


    Eleven Consignment Boutique
    Address: 180 1st Ave, Manhattan, NY 10009
    Phone: (212) 260-2742

    Say Hi to Barbro and Jennifer:

    Barbro Andersen

    Jennifer Wang

    How Chictopians wear vintage and thrifted clothing:

    "Step Into Me" - Miami Slice
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