Damn Denim presents: Nudie Jeans High Kai, 2 years old

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    This is a video of my jeans.

    This is a very tight pair from Nudie Jeans.
    The model is called High Kai and the color is called Recycle Dry Navy and it’s 2 years old in this video.

    When I bought these they were very deep and dark blue.

    They had little dots in the cotton, which you see often on recycled cotton.

    On the inside is a tag saying these are 68% organic cotton, 29% recycled cotton and 3% stretch.

    That all adds up to a 100% fine ass jeans if you ask me!

    I wore these for 6 months before the first wash.

    I did everything in them, except for sleeping.

    When your jeans smell, you just put them in the fridge for a night.

    I do that a lot, and it works every time, without doing any harm to the fabric.

    In my left front pocket I always have a chapstick, and in my right front pocket is my phone.

    All my jeans have a chapstick and a phone in the fading.

    My friends at Nudie Jeans Amsterdam fixed the holes for me, and I’m very happy with the result.

    The the fading in the knees, a.k.a.

    the honeycombs, turned out very smooth, just as them around my ankles.

    The tighter you wear your jeans, the sharper the lines of your honeycombs turn out.

    Damn Denim!
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