Damn Denim presents: Atelier La Durance, 14 years old!

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    This is a video of my jeans.

    It used to be dry denim, or raw denim, as some might say.
    This the brand: Atelier La Durance, which doesn’t excist any more.

    The model is Prescott Sterling.

    The jeans you see here are 14 years old!

    When I bought them, they were raw and stiff, and I wore these for 6 months daily, before the first wash.
    After that I wore and washed them regularly.

    I’ve had them tapered, and I’ve had them repaired for lots of times.

    The repair you see now in this video is a Japanese technique called ‘Sashiko’

    The repair is done by Pey from the instagram account ‘Sashikodenim’

    As you can see there’s lots of details on the front, the back, the crotch.

    On the back there’s even a little surprise under the flap on the left back pocket.

    Over the years I lost one beltloop so I didn’t have the signature X-loop, but sashikodenim was so kind to fix me up with an original loop he found on an other Atelier La Durance pair of jeans.

    You can see the fading in the knees, which is called ‘honeycombs’ is really subtile, as these jeans are a baggy model.
    So it was a bit oversized, that’s why the end of both legs is so messed up.

    It was constantly under my shoes, that’s why I had them tapered.

    Over the years I lost my inside pockets, but got some clean new ones, and @Sashikodenim signed them in person after giving it his signature repair.

    Damn Denim!
    Contact met via DM on Instagram: @damndenim

  • damndenimpresents:atelierladurance14years!