Damn Denim presents: Denham The Jeanmaker, 6 months

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    This is a video of my jeans.

    The pair of jeans you see in this video is a black denim pair, by the brand Denham The Jeanmaker.

    The model is called ‘SHEAR’ and is supposed to be a ‘super tight fit’.

    When I bought these the color was very dark black.

    I always have a chapstick in my left front pocket, which caused me soft lips, but two holes in my pocket.

    I repaired it by myself.

    You can see my phone is causing a smooth fade on the other side of the jeans as well now.

    The fabric of this Denham jeans has a lot of stretch in it, and it was very soft from the beginning which was great.

    I bought these, wanting a black skinny jeans but after 1 month I could pull it down without opening the fly.

    I was disapointed, but kept on counting the days of wear and did everything in them.

    My work, parties and a some travelling.

    On the back you see my wallet and some real smooth and soft contrast honeycombs.

    Apart from the fit being called super tight, which it really wasn’t, I am very happy with the way these jeans look after 120 days of wear and 1 wash in salt, vinegar and soap.

    The contrast in the fabric is very nice.

    It’s greay, it’s black, it’s white, and the details are super smooth.

    Damn Denim!
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