Damn Denim presents: Nudie Jeans Baggy Björn, 12 years old

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    This is a video of my jeans.

    The jeans you see here are from Nudie Jeans, and they are 12 years old.

    When I bought these they were dry denim, so the fabric was very stiff and dark blue.

    This model is called Baggy Bjorn (Orange Selvedge).

    After 110 days of wear I gave them a seabath in Egypt, and had them sundrying on the beach.

    From that moment the fades really started to show.

    Now these jeans have been washed countless times, and I had them tapered a couple of times too.

    They have a low crotch and backpockets, and they are wide on the upperlegs, and tapered round the enkles.

    I think you can compare them to the Nudie Jeans Loose Leif model now.

    As you can see they are really bright white now, from all the wearing, tearing and washing I did.

    I wore them evereyday in the beginning, but they’re in my closet for a couple of years now.

    I took them to my friends from Nudie Jeans Amsterdam, and they repaired them for me, so now I can wear them again.

    My wallet destroyed the backpocket, but the repair looks awesome there.

    As you can see a loose model doesn’t give very sharp honeycombs, it’s very subtile contrast you see.

    The end of the legs was totally gone from walking on it.

    The wide fit, covered by feet, so I had no choice but to shorten them.

    I am very proud of the result, and especially the bright white and blue color these jeans have.

    Compared to what a normal dry denim looks like, you really these are some old jeans

    What more can I say, I love’em!

    Damn Denim!
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