Damn Denim presents: Nudie Jeans Thin Finn, 6 months old

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    This is a video of my jeans.

    The jeans you see here are from Nudie Jeans, and they are 6 months old.

    The model is called Thin Finn and the color is Dry Navy Crystal.

    I wore these for 175 days without washing them.

    The last month, I put them in the fridge every night to get rid of the smell.

    As you can see in all my videos I always have a chapstick and phone in my pockets, so that’s where the damage comes from.

    I fixed the holes before they start stretching any further.

    This is just a temporary solution.

    I really need to get this fixed by a professional tailor.

    And that’s the knee, which I also repaired by myself in some kind of “waving technique”...


    Before wearing them, when they were still new and stiff, I had them shortened and tapered.

    They are now as thight as my Nudie Jeans High Kai, except for the crotch that’s still a regular Thin Finn fit.

    My wallet is fading really nice, and the knees have some sharp lines, which we call ‘honeycombs’.

    Because these jeans fit so tight, the honeycombs are nice and sharp.

    I think they will turn out sharper in the next months, we’ll see!

    What I like the most about this pair of jeans is the lines.

    So the parts where the stitches meet, they are getting really bright from wearing.

    The brightest contrast is on the fringes and on the beltloops.

    To me these jeans are still very young, compared to my other videos.
    I will post a new video about this pair, when it has more progress.

    For now I leave you with these bad boys and two words:

    Damn Denim!
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