Damn Denim presents: Nudie Jeans Dry Conny Jacket, 8 years old

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    This is a video of my jeans.

    Or in fact, it’s a video of my denim jacket.

    This is the Nudie Jeans Conny Jacket, Dry Denim and it’s 8 years old.

    I’ve been wearing it a lot, but not for 8 years in a row.

    It has been in my closet more than on my body in the last 3 years.

    It’s washed twice in the last 2 months.

    I am really excited about the honeycombs on the arms, and the folding lines on the end of the sleeves.

    Because the sleeves were a little bit too long, I folded the end in half, which gave it a tighter wrist and now some amazing fades.

    As you can see the elbows have faded really smooth, and the wrists have really sharp lines in the fabric.

    It’s awesome!

    Lately I rediscovered it, when I visited the Amsterdam Denim Days fair in Amsterdam.

    At the Kings Of Indigo stand, they ironed on free patches.

    That’s where I gave back life to my jacket.

    Online there are many stores where you can find patches like these.

    I ironed them on, but I stitched them too, because the were letting go of the fabric.

    Before I washed this jacket for the first time, I sewed on the patches, wore it a couple of extra weeks, and than washed it, so the jacket as well as the patches have a ‘washed’ look.

    The blue water gave the patches a vintage look as well.

    I really love the color blue it has now.

    It used to be very dark and stiff, but now it ltterally fits like a glove.

    It feels like it’s tailormade.

    One crazy ass jacket, telling my story, expressing my lifestyle.

    Looking at it makes me say:

    Damn Denim!
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